Attention... Client, Local & Service Based Business Owners:

Discover The Simple Yet Proven Ad Framework Which Saw One Of Our Members Turn £30 Into £7,000 In Less Than 30 Days Of Running His Ad

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel like you have no time, yet your bank balance isn’t where you want it to be… you’re “hustling” to make ends meet.
  • You want to spend more time working ON your business rather than IN your business… but you don’t generate enough leads & sales to truly scale
  • You know you have an epic business, with testimonials and case studies, but you’re not getting enough customers
  • You know you should be advertising on Facebook, yet you don’t have the time/energy to trawl through countless “guru” videos that teach you nothing of value
  • You don’t have a predictable source of leads, sales or income and you currently relying on “luck marketing” such as referrals and word of mouth

If those sound familiar, then you already know things need to change.

Do you want to…?

  • Build a dependable, predictable and consistent customer acquisition system allowing you to FREE UP TIME (gosh, I bet you feel pretty busy!)
  • Get predictability in your business, allowing you to grow, hire, scale, make more money and get more opportunities
  • Make more money… whilst working less
  • Finally achieve the lifestyle freedom you dreamed of when you first started in business
  • Become a significant player in your industry
  • Build your audience, developing better connections with your customers and clients

What you need is proven system to acquire new leads & customers consistently.

Introducing, the Funnel Academy

The Academy provide the framework, support and training every business needs to scale and sell more online.

If you’re ready to get off the “hamster wheel” and ready to grow a consistent, predictable and scalable business, you’ve come to the right place!

The academy is packed with in-depth practical training resources and support. PLUS, the community support you need to ensure your success.


Live Group Coaching Calls Every Month

Need help with creating your funnel? Need someone to look over your ads? Need an audit/critique? Well with these coaching calls, you get all this… and more. You’ll never get stuck again.

Training Library

Transformative Video Trainings, templates & swipe files

Follow our process step-by-step with easy to follow video training. Not just that, steal our best performing ads, funnels & copy!

Q&A Calls

Private Community & Constant Support

You’ll be part of a Facebook community for members ONLY. You can network, get to know each other and share wins & losses. Got a question/problem? Ask it here!

What makes the academy different?

  • I run a leading Facebook ad agency, being a Facebook marketing partner - you get an insight into the campaigns we run for our clients
  • This is a no-guru zone
  • We offer monthly coaching sessions, meaning you get hand-help through the process, from start to results. Nobody gets left behind.
  • We give you the proven framework that has worked and scaled countless business from 5-7 figures.

Ready to get started?

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Meet Gav

Well hey!

I’m Gav and I’m a leading Facebook ad consultant. I live in sunny Scotland (FREEDOM!) but work with brands across the world helping them set up and run profitable Facebook campaigns.

Last year one of my clients generated over $750,000 in revenue (it was a webinar to $3,000 product funnel).

I also worked with a sports team in Scotland and generated £200,000 in season ticket sales for them.
All from Facebook.

Without sounding like a douche, I know my stuff when it comes to helping entrepreneurs and businesses make money on Facebook.


Who is the Academy for?


  • Local Business owners and service providers who have huge ambitions to grow the business.
  • People who want to get out of the time-for-money hamster wheel and finally get some predictability into their business
  • Entrepreneurs who finally want to become a proper business owner and not just someone who has created their own job
  • Someone who wants to become a significant player in their space, gain more opportunities and contribute to their industry/niche
  • Action takers who aren’t just going to watch some training videos and never take action. We are here to coach, but won’t do the work for you.


  • People who want a get-rich-quick scheme. This is NOT what that is about. Building a predictable and consistent business doesn’t happen overnight.
  • People who love buying courses and programmes but don’t take any action - this won’t work if you’re scattergun.
  • People who complain they have no time, but aren’t willing to make the sacrifices required to win their time back
  • People looking for a done-for-you solution. My agency offers that, but this is where we coach you to do it yourself.
  • People expecting guaranteed results. I know this system works, because I’ve taught it and executed it 100’s of times. I do it myself. But nobody can promise you’re going to see quick results.

Here's What You Get Inside The Funnel Academy:

The truth about what a profitable, automated business looks like (Plus I’ll reveal the easiest way to transform your own business into such a machine!)

Everything you need to embark on an incredible journey of business growth

How to build your first profitable online marketing funnel (You’ll find out how to easily create a funnel which is capable of bringing in predictable revenue almost every single day)

What you need to know about laying The VITAL Groundwork which allows you to scale your funnel and advertising profitably (If you ignore this then the chances of your funnel succeeding drop off a cliff)

An almost sure-fire way to get high-quality leads into your funnel (I underlined the term “high-quality” because when you do this, you really will be attracting your DREAM customers and clients)

How to maximise the profitability of your funnel (I’ve got tons of experience when it comes to squeezing as much profit out of a funnel as possible… and I’m now passing all this experience on to you!)

Plus I’ll even let you STEAL ALL MY FUNNELS so you can be confident you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of success


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! For 7 days you really do get FULL access to The Funnel Academy for free.

After that it goes up to $49/month. Which is a bargain considering it would cost a minimum of $5,000 to work directly with my agency.

And think about it:

Most people waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month on Facebook ad campaigns that flop. That’s money down the drain you’ll never see again.

Yet with my coaching, imagine how much you could make from Facebook advertising.

That alone makes $49/month well worth it.

But just like a car garage would be crazy to not let you take a test-drive before buying…

I’d be crazy to not let you “test-drive” Funnel Academy so you can see first-hand just how valuable it will be to you.

Which is why it’s free.

You really have got nothing to lose.

Absolutely! You can cancel within the member portal. We’ll be sad, but we’ll understand 🙂

 I’m sure you can appreciate I can’t guarantee any specific results. After all, I can’t influence factors such as your work ethic, your offer, the quality of your products or services and a range of other things.

Yet the funnels I’ll be giving to you have been proven to work in countless industries.

Ultimately, to have an incredible business you need 3 things:

  1. Awesome funnel
  2. Awesome traffic
  3. Awesome mindset

So while I obviously can’t guarantee any specific results, I’m confident you’ll love being part of The Funnel Academy and you’ll view it as one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your business.

Funnel Academy is for you if you want:

👉 A predictable and scalable stream of income

👉 A variety of ways to grow your business

👉 To become a significant player in your space

👉 A fulfilling relationship with your customers

👉 A plan for growth (if you’re not growing you’re dying)

👉 To make a big contribution to your niche

At the end of the day, the life you want… the marriage you want… the family you want is all fuelled by the business you build.

The aim of Funnel Academy is to help you grow your business as fast and simply as possible so you can live your dream lifestyle without any stress.

To make things easy, your monthly payment will automatically process – no need to remember to pay the bill each month!

If you sign up to our annual subscription, you’ll be billed every 12 months.

Good question! I’m based in the UK, but chose to use dollars because the Funnel Academy is for businesses all over the world. Dollars is more of an international currency than Sterling.

Absolutely not! You can stay for as long or short a time as you wish 🙂

All of the training will be available immediately but new content is added weekly

That’s no problem at all! You can cancel within the portal. I’ll be sad to see you go, but you can always rejoin if you like 🙂

Every month we host a live members Q&A call where you can ask any questions you have. You can also jump into the Facebook Group any time and get a same-day response. Finally, if you want 1:1 support you can consider upgrading to our ‘Pro’ tier or booking in 1:1 time with Gavin.

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear in the FAQ's; any concerns or questions then please contact us at and we'll be happy to help you out.

Ready to get started?

Try the Funnel Academy Free for 7 Days...

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